What is the likely outcome of court proceedings for contempt of court for willful nonpayment of child support?

QUESTION:My ex husband willingly stopped making child support payments in November 2016, but had been working the entire time. It is now March 2017, and we recently went to a show cause, but not in front of a judge. He is over $5,000 in arrears, openly admitted to working and just “not feeling” like paying. When the mediator/attorney asked him to pay one month of $483 in two weeks, he refused. I asked to be seen by a judge. I am wondering what kind of outcome he will face for having the resources and just strictly refusing to pay?

ANWSER:Were you in front of a referee at the Friend of the Court? If it was a show cause set up by the Friend of the Court and an agreement could not be reached at counter or at the hearing, you have a right to go before the judge. Normally the matter proceeds to the court the same day if there is no agreement reached. Did the person give him 2 weeks to pay $483 and he told you he would not pay? Did he tell the person asking him to pay $483 he would not do so? If it gets before the Judge, the Judge might incarcerate him until he pays whatever sum of money the Judge require him to pay in order to get released.

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