Do I have the right to keep my stuff in a home that I’ve resided in for 14years?

QUESTION: I have lived with my mom for 14 years she asked me to move out. My aunt n uncle are taking of her financials and are telling me i have to move the rest of my stuff out of the home or it will be thrown out in the next 3 days. I had already made arrangements wit my mom to keep some stuff in my bedroom. Can they legally throw my stuff out?

ANWSER: There are some key facts missing in order to properly answer your question. Let me just say that unless your aunt and uncle have been appointed guardians of your mother, and your mother owns the residence, they are not your landlords and have no right of their own to tell you to move out. I assume you still live at your mother’s. If so, legally your mother would have to evict you from her home by giving you a 30 day notice to terminate your tenancy. After obtaining a Judgment for Possession, there are procedures by which a court baliff can dispose of your belongings.

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