Is there anything I can do about my ex miss treating my son since I just won custody?

QUESTION: I just got custody of my son who’s 14 this week. Since then my ex has told my son, in front of his councilor, that he is not allowed to have anything of his things from her house because they only reason he has any of it is because she bought it for him and that his dad (me) has never done anything for him or got him anything. She also told him that she’s going to file with the court and make it so she has him every weekend instead of every other. I need to know if there is anything I can do if she keeps acting like this toward my son.
My ex is also planning to revoke any releases that I sign for my wife to be able to talk to his doctors, councilors, and other things like that which I have signed because my job has me out if town currently.

ANWSER: You could file a motion asking the court to place restrictions on commenting. Does the family court have such a thing as a Parental Cooperation Order? Contact the FOC to find out. If so, ask the court to enter the PCO so if she fails to abide by the terms of the Order the court could hold her in contempt. Make sure you engage the services of an experienced family law attorney in your area, as the attorneys will know how the family court judges in your county deal with issues of this nature.

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